четвртак, 5. фебруар 2015.

Sacred Relics of Uteshiteljevo – Two Covenantal Pillars of Serbianhood

By the mercy of God, Uteshiteljevo Monastery has been deemed worthy of becoming the guardian of two great holy things, the relics of two pillars of God’s covenant with the Serbian  people:  of the first archbishop of Serbia St. Sava, from his left hand which is preserved in Plevlje Monastery, and relics from the Holy Great Martyr Prince Lazar of Kosovo.  With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Akakije of Uteshiteljevo, these sanctities have been placed in wooden reliquaries especially carved for them.
The reliquaries will be brought out and opened for the faithful and pilgrims to venerate prayerfully during the Holy Liturgy every Sunday and feastday in the Uteshiteljevo church.  

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