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A Message from His Grace Bishop Akakije Regarding the Gay Pride Parade 2013.


“And the Lord said, ‘Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous, I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it; and if not, I will know. ” (1 Gen. 18:20-21)
On Saturday the 28th of September according to the civil calendar, every man who considers himself a Christian must say “NO!” to the citizens of Sodom who with the support of the pro-European antichristian democratic authorities will march through the Serbian capital seeking that we Orthodox Serbs accept their Sodomite sin as a normal phenomenon. For Europe, this is a desirable, even obligatory demonstration without which Serbians will not progress on their way into the European Union.
Who are these citizens of Sodom and what are the consequences of their sexually perverse revolution which they are conducting in Belgrade these days?
Do you know, brother and sister Serbs, the Old Testament story of the righteous Lot, the city of Sodom and the two angels? This story should reveal to us what a God-hated plague has come upon the Serbian capital, and through it, upon the entire Serbian people.
The righteous servant of God Lot did not support, defend, or approve of his fellow citizens of the city of Sodom who practiced the unnatural, God-hated sin of perversion (homosexuality). God sent two angels to destroy the city of Sodom and all of its surroundings, because the horrible cry of Sodom’s sin rose up to Him, for human nature itself, violated and defiled by this unnatural fornication, cried out to God, moving Him to punishment. Thus the angels told Lot that they were sent by God to exterminate all who went against their own nature, angering Him Who created human nature and established moral boundaries over it. As it is told in the Holy Scriptures, the citizens of Sodom, young and old, practiced this unnatural fornication not only among themselves, but also incited others to it. The good Lot met the two angels, in the appearance of beautiful young foreign travelers, at the entrance to the city, and invited them to stay the night at his home. To a certain extent he did this for the sake of hospitality, but to a certain extent to defend and preserve them from his perverted fellow citizens. The travelers settled down at his home. Before they had lain down, the citizens of Sodom, young and old, gathered around Lot’s house and shouted to Lot to hand over the foreign youths so they could engage in unnatural fornication with them. The good Lot replied to them, “Brothers, do not do this evil thing. Here, I have two daughters who are virgins, them I will release to you, to do with them what you wish, only touch not these men for they have come under my roof.” Yet the Sodomites, enflamed not with natural, but with unnatural sin, did not desire Lot’s daughters, but the visiting youths, for the purpose of fulfilling their disgusting, lawless, licentious desire.
 Seeing all of this, the angels sent by God put a blindness upon the citizens of Sodom, so that they could no longer find Lot’s house or even their own homes. Then the two angels told Lot to take his immediate family out of the city, for Sodom would be destroyed because of its unnatural sins which cried greatly before the Lord. Lot departed from the city with his wife and daughters, and the Lord sent a stony rain of fire and sulfur from heaven, destroying the city of Sodom with all surrounding cities, plain, people, and animals. (Genesis, chapter 19).
In order to perceive even more how this unnatural Sodomite sin is terrible and abhorrent to God, we could also mention the terrifying testimony from the ancient holy father Blessed Jerome, in which he describes how all the unfortunate people who were steeped in the sin of Sodom were destroyed by fire and lightning throughout the entire world on the holy night when Our Savior Jesus Christ was born to the Most Pure Virgin Theotokos. For the Source of purity, Christ, when He came upon this earth through His most pure birth, did not allow that such an unnatural sin be found on the earth at that time.
Taking all of this into account, beware of the most lawless and defiled civilians of modern Sodom, the LGBT: sexual perverts. Shudder in spirit and body lest you receive the portion of ancient Sodomites, lest you yourself be struck unexpectedly by God with lightning and thunder from above. Lest God ordain that the earth beneath you open up and swallow you alive into hades!
All of these warnings are also for those who support this terrible, God-hated sin: consider logically what would have happened to the righteous Lot if he had looked upon the unnatural iniquity of his fellow citizens with tolerance or support? (He even offered his daughters to be dishonored in order to lead the Sodomites to the lesser, natural sin of fornication!) Would God have saved him from the terrible punishment of extermination of the city and citizens of Sodom if he had been “tolerant” or “supportive”? Certainly not. Thus, brothers and sisters of Belgrade, brothers and sisters of Serbia, let us show our open protest against the (fellow) citizens of Sodom who shamelessly, without the fear of God, invoke His great, implacable wrath upon the Serbian capital and all of our country with their public promotion of the accursed sin of Sodom. Let him who is able and feels ready go out onto the streets on that day directly to give his voice of protest, intolerance and disgust towards the contemporary Sodomites. As for those who are unable to come out onto the streets, let them through any gesture possible show their disapproval of this day of shame and provocation of the wrath of God upon all of us. Let everyone on that day pray to God in sorrow and repentance before Him for what is being done by those who publicly flaunt the sin of Sodom in the middle of our Orthodox country and for those who support and tolerate this depraved mindlessness. May God forgive them, for they know not what they do.
These wretches know not that they bring the great wrath of God upon our people and country. Has Serbia not suffered enough for our sins and the sin of our fathers who accepted the toppling of monarchy, the anointed one of God, and accepted the revolutionists, the bloodthirsty atheist communists as the lawful authority of Serbia? That curse lasts until this day. Shall we bring a new one upon our heads? On Saturday the 28th of September, the Serbian people must show their loyalty and faithfulness to God, St. Sava and all of our God-loving forefathers, to our centuries-old Christian traditions. Serbia must cease proving its loyalty to the false, perverted values of atheist Europe and the Zionist oligarchy who wish with this act to give the final blow to the Christian moral values of our already much-suffering and wounded Fatherland.
We fervently pray to God to bring to reason the persons responsible, who with His allowance, because of our sins, are in authority in Serbia, so that they will declare this God-hated glorification of the Sodomite sin in Serbia undesirable.
To the Glory of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.
+Akakije, Bishop of Resava and Shumadia

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