среда, 28. јануар 2015.

Serbian TOC 2015 Calendar

With the God-loving labor of the Uteshiteljevo Eparchy’s publishing group “The Paraclete,” Serbian believers in the homeland and diaspora have been given the chance of having a calendar which has notconnection with the ecumenist pocket calendar published by the “Holy Hierarchical Synod” of the Serbian Patriarchate in which for decades we had to endure not only Papist but even Jewish feastdays and fasts.  The Orthodox Calendar 2015 is in no way a plagiarism of the “Synod” calendar above.  On the contrary, it is an original work of the Uteshiteljevo Eparchy’s publishing group “The Paraclete.”  For the first time one can find in a Serbian calendar the dates of the glorification of the feastdays and saints canonized by the Russian Catacomb Church, The Russian Church Abroad, and the Greek and Romanian Old Calendar Churches, such as the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas II and family, the holy Russian new martyrs and confessors, St. John of Shanghai, Saint Glicherie  the New Confessor of Romania, St. Philaret of New York the New Confessor, Hieromartyr Joseph of Petrograd, along with the great miracle of God, the third appearance of the Precious Cross above Athens in 1925 as a confirmation of the correctness of the Old Church Calendar.
The Calendar also contains rules for the fasts, a list of the great feasts, Soul Saturdays, and instructions for believers for various needs.  It also contains the national anthem of the Kingdom of Serbia, “God of Justice,” as well as the original version of the St. Sava hymn, “Let us cry with love,” along with the directory of the Serbian TOC with the contact information of our churches, catacomb places of prayer, and clergy.  This year’s calendar is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Kočevski Rog Golgotha (1945-2015) , in memory of the horrifying Communist slaughter, the ideological massacre of 150,000 soldiers, clergy and civilians of Serbian and Slovenian anti-Communists and monarchists who were disarmed by deception and brutally killed in Slovenia in 1945. 

We would like to address all truth-loving and pious Serbian St. Savites with the request to help us by their donations, and in that way become benefactors of future editions of the Orthodox Calendar of the Serbian TOC. 

Those who wish to become donors can contact the editor of the calendar, Priest Fr. Jovan Ristic at:
Telephone +381 64 21 29 234

The 2015 Orthodox Calendar can already be found at all the churches and catacomb places of prayer of the Serbian TOC.  It can be can be ordered by email at uteshiteljevo@gmail.com .

The cost of the Calendar is 200 dinars (1.50 euros)

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