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Support to the Persecuted Parents and Their Children, the Participants in St. Lazar Orthodox Youth Camp

Dear in Christ Faithful Children of the Orthodox Church, Saint Savaites, Honorable Parents, Beautiful Youths and Children of Serbia,

We live in unfortunate times in which the State declares as deviant the upholding of the unblemished purity of Orthodoxy and the preservation of the centuries-old traditions of the Serbian Christ-named people.  Preserving Saint Sava’s ideals and all things sacred, you have experienced being treated like felons by the state.  Your children took part in the youth camp under the patronage of our Church, where they humbly prayed to God and glorified the podvig of our holy, heroic forefathers, with faith in God, for the King and Fatherland.  At our St. Lazar Camp, the usual physical, educational and fun activities were conducted that are characteristic of such youth camps throughout the world, and all took place beneath the Serbian state flag which flew proudly over it all.

The participants did some shooting, not from air rifles, for which the state demands a special permit to possess, but from plastic battery-run guns which let off plastic bbs that can be bought without any special permit.  Shooting at paper targets is just a sport (youth) discipline among many others;  yet for this have various anti-Christian and anti-Serbian media and non-governmental organizations, along with the state apparatus, pounced on you, incited by the ecumenist church.   All of us have been swept up in this development of affairs.  We wonder: what is going on here?  Are we really deviants, while everyone else around us is normal?  Let us seek the answer to this question from the holy fathers.  Here is what they say: 

“The time will come when a certain sickness will spread among men.  When they see someone who does not suffer from this illness, they will rise against him, saying, ‘You are the sickest, because you are not like us.’  Here it would also not be out of place to mention that this individual will have to be very careful of thoughts of false humility which will be set before him by the demons and people who are the weapons of the demons. Usually in such cases, fleshly wisdom remonstrates with him, ‘Are only you right, while everyone else, or at least the majority, are in the wrong?’   Such remonstrations are meaningless!  For it was always a few, only a very few, who travel the narrow way, and in the last days of the world, at the end, the road will be left extremely lonely.”  (St. Ignatius Brianchioninov). 

What does this mean? 

After five decades of tyranny under the red pentagram, we were convinced that the God-fighting (and for the true Serbian identity, fatal) communism had fallen.  The new post-communist authorities boasted that Serbia would become a democracy, which would mean that there would be freedom of thought, conscience and confession. It was clear right away, however, that the new government was never freed from the ideology and influence of god-fighting communism and bloody proletariat revolution, commonly called NOB (Narodnooslobodilachka Borba – The Nation-Freeing War).  The period of communism, an ideology no less criminal than Nazism, has never been evaluated officially and identified correctly as one of the darkest periods in the history of the Serbian people.  Behind the mask of anti-fascism, communists continue to present themselves in a positive light as some sort of liberators.  To this very day, Serbia on the highest, most official level celebrates the 9th of May as a day of liberation. What kind of liberation is that, which was nothing more than the exchange of one five-year criminal totalitarian system for another, ten times longer lasting and more devastating?

The changes for which we fought -embodied by the fall of the communist regime, the return of the Serbian tri-color with the Nemanjić dynasty’s white two-headed eagle, the image of the precious Cross and the national anthem “God of Justice” that embodied freedom of thought, conscience and confession -turned out to be in appearances only.  The ominous shadow of communism remained over Serbia, still scorning God and St. Sava. 

At one time, the official Orthodox church closely cooperated with Tito, who according to the will of the God- fighters set up “eligible” bishops and patriarchs.  Agents in rassas and mitres are carrying on a close partnership with the new, post-communist democratic government, and that under the close supervision of the global ruling elite.  Western democracy, in fact, is nothing other than the other side of the same coin of communism, for both one and the other political ideology have the same task:  to de-Christianize and strip of identity every traditional, nation-building, and believing people.  They demand that every state, every nation, every religion by hook or by crook must become globalistic, multi-cultural and ecumenist.  Only this kind of mankind, chained in the fetters of globalization, can be ready for entry into a new chapter of mankind’s history known as “The New World Order.”  The new age in which the secular, godless humanism, should reign pushes for an ever greater tolerance of every kind of depravity, unnatural perversion, and blatant evil.  By acquiringsome kind of false peace, the world is being prepared for great, apocalyptic changes. 

Religiously speaking, every subject who accepts modern Western values is obliged to plant a new syncretistic conscience into his community, giving up the ‘exclusive’ conviction that only his religion is correct, while all others are in error:  this is the definition of the pan-heresy of ecumenism!  The basic goal of the ecumenist heresy is syncretism, that is, the fusion of all heresies and religions, not in the sense of creating one religion with one group ritual, but rather, the cultivation of tolerance and belief that all religions lead to the same God.  All religions are the same to the globalistic “god,” from Christianity to witchcraft;  this is the global, universal religion of the new age, the religion which will accept Antichrist himself as its leader.  The Orthodox teaching completely opposes such assertions: we believe that the only saving Church is, was, and will always be the same Orthodox Church, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, i.e, the Church that confesses the unchanged faith of the Apostles and Fathers.  All other “churches,” religions, sects and cults are false teachings which cannot bring man to God.  Equating the Orthodox Church and Her teachings, the only Divinely-revealed Truth, with various heretics, false teachers and even open ritualists of demonic cults, and asserting that they all lead to the same God, is blasphemy. 

While so believing, the Orthodox Christian neither threatens nor hates anyone. On the contrary, he mourns for all who are in error and far from God, praying that they will be enlightened, to know the same God and unite to the Holy Orthodox Church, the only treasury of salvation.

The anti-ecumenist stance of the True Orthodox Christians is not religious intolerance.  Orthodox Christians can cooperate with the heterodox on the state and secular level when the occasion demands.  They can cultivate personal friendships with them.  They cannot, however, in addition to the above, in any way give up the exclusivity of Divinely-granted Truth which only the Holy Orthodox Church preserves. 

The constitution of the Republic of Serbia guarantees every man freedom of thought, conscience and confession, even when one does not accept the widely-accepted mediocre values, which implies that he has the right to disagree with New Age ideals.  Therefore:

It is not and cannot be a crime for someone in Serbia to be an Orthodox Christian who does not wish to take part in the ecumenist treason of Orthodoxy.  The labeling of such a person as extremist, fundamentalist, sectarian or apostate on the part of an individual or group can well be defined as religious discrimination. Meanwhile, if the state (the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Social Services) openly stands behind such religious discrimination, then one can already begin to perceive the totalitarianism inherent in the God-fighting communist regimes. 

It is not and cannot be a crime for someone in Serbia to be a Serbian patriot who rears his children according to his principles.  Publicly, the media condemnation of such a free man, his family, and children because of their convictions as “deviants” or “extremists” (“Orthodox jihadists”) can also be characterized as hate speech.  If the state (The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Social Services) stands behind such hate speech, then this can be characterized as a  totalitarian dictatorship’s attack in the sphere of its citizens’ spiritual life, the imposing of an official ideology (values, education, and morals) of a totalitarian society in which is forbidden any sort of human activity (for example, intellectual or political) if the state itself has not planned or allowed it.

Some accuse our Church of mixing too much in politics.  Is it not clear to every reasonable man that it is difficult to separate church matters and politics? For politics claim to be all-encompassing, that is, the secular authorities would take into their own hands decisions about spiritual life.  Thus, the Church cannot be entirely disinterested in the sphere of politics.  When the antichrist rules the earth, he will naturally be a political figure, which means that the Church will have to face political persecution.  In order to weaken the opposition of the Church, the antichrist’s forerunners use the idea that the Church should be above politics.  They hide their war on God behind a political cloak:  they declare the confessors of Orthodoxy as deviants. The history of communist states is full of such examples.  Certainly, the Church should not normally be involved in politics; but when politics touch on matters of spiritual life - one of which, and that especially important, the upbringing of children – then the Church cannot close Her eyes.  It is for this very reason that the opposition of communism and New Age democratic globalism is a spiritual, not only a political, matter.

In what way are you guilty, for what reason has the state fallen upon you like bad citizens, calling you to the police station for interrogation, and then to Social Services to conversations with social workers who behave towards you as towards irresponsable parents, then call the schools to direct their attention to your children and inquire about them, marking them out as problematic children to whom especial attention should be paid?  As the crown of this psychological torture for you and your children, they come to your homes and have discussions with your children!  They accuse you of being irresponsable parents, that you are the members of a dangerous sect in which you are forcing your children (and there have already been cases in which they said this in front of the children themselves!).  You are going through a humiliating procedure of  cross-interrogation, for they supposedly worry that your own children’s rights have perhaps been threatened!  These false do-gooders of your children tell you that before the age of 18 you should not religiously influence your children but leave them free to decide.  This is terrible, but it must be said: according to these people, this is your main fault, in that you are good, consciensious parents who correctly rear their children!  What worries them the most is precisely this upbringing of your children.  They fear the healthy upbringing and education of Serbian children and youth, in the spirit of Svetosavlje and patriotism.  They would like to teach your children the official ideology of the new totalitarian society, the chief goal that the new secular, de-Christianized schooling has been set to accomplish.  They would like the media, which propagates all the more deviant behavior and false values, to teach them by promoting various demonic creatures which they present as positive characters.  Then of course there are the clips, ads, broadcasts, reality shows, and movies which promote fornication, primitivism, shamelessness, homosexual perversion, and, often, even underage sexuality.

Your children, in their opinion, should not be guided by you, in harmony with St. Sava’s values and principles by which you live, but instead should be given over to a corrupt society which will educate them in sync with the values and principles of the perverse anti-Christian globalist elite.  It is clear that one of the global ruling elite’s main goals is to destroy the traditional family upbringing of children, along with the traditional family itself.  Children, as they envision it, should belong to society, not their parents. They create a new kind of relationship between parent and child.  For them, the traditional family is something dangerous, for it is an area which a totalitarian society cannot control. Ideas such as “sin,” for example, should no longer be imposed on families, schools, or churches.

It must be added that this all occurs in a state which legalized such horrors as abortion, and thus legally kills children daily, ranking among the top for murdered children in Europe and the world!  What could be worse than such a crime? 

What is more, the toleration of such aggressive public promotions of depravity and sick perversions is becoming the law above all laws.  These are all those false values which we have already mentioned that they are trying to force on our people.  Normal, healthy-minded people are all the more often characterized as “zealots,” “extremists,” “fundamentalists,” “psychopaths,” “Orthodox jihadists,” “Orthodox fascists,” etc.  This phenomenon already shows that all those who do not wish to bow their heads before the openly anti-Christian totalitarian ideology will become targets of interrogation and persecution.

But fear not; for you are neither the first nor the last among Christians who have suffered without cause for the sake of their faith and convictions.  Precious are the heavenly wreaths of confession of the faith and heroic defense of the fatherland given for every bearing of injustice and humiliation.  You are those jubilant, fearless standard-bearers of whom Fr. Justin Popovic of blessed memory spoke, who bravely and firmly brandish St. Sava’s standard, despite whatever suffering you might bear for the sake of his ideals and all things.  As Fr. Justin said,

 “Even if many priests and bishops betray Svetosavlje, stay on St. Sava’s path.  Fear not, but rather bravely hold up St. Sava’s standard to the end and believe unwaveringly. St. Sava’s flag will always find a fearless standard-bearer among the Serbian nation, perhaps in a simple peasant or zealous monk.  Rejoice that this is so!  For the most important thing is that St. Sava will not abandon us.  If he abandons us, God will abandon us, heaven and earth, and all that is holy and honorable in our history from its beginning to today.” 

The official church and state of today have become fatal weapons in the hands of the globalist ruling elite,  a powerful means of changing value systems whose goal is to make our Christ-named people into an obedient mass of secularized citizens of the apocalyptic new world order.  Our Orthodox faith and Fatherland seek that we all stand fearlessly in defense of Svetosavlje which today is under attack and nearly devastated, for Svetosavlje is built on the fighting, Cross-and-Resurrection ideals of preservation of the Orthodox faith and national identity at the cost of every sacrifice which was given to us as an eternal covenant by our holy forefathers with St. Sava and the Holy Martyr Prince Lazar at their head.  Through their various sufferings and sorrows, Christians always found joy and comfort in the words, “For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also aboundeth by Christ.”  (2 Cor. 1:5)  You are followers of Christ, followers of the Victor, and that not just any Victor, but the Victor of all time.  This truth inspired generations of our forefathers to take on willingly every sacrifice, even to the sacrifice of their very lives for the sake of salvation, preservation of the faith and defense of the Orthodox state. 

Regardless of how weak we may be or of how much power those who persecute us may possess, we may not at any moment forget St. Sava’s ideals and St. Lazar’s Kosovo oath, and that we are the children of the Final Victor, opponents of the final loser and his servants for whom an everlasting flame has been prepared (Mat. 25:41).  For in the battle for the Heavenly Kingdom, even a lost battle becomes a victory when we fight with the Lord on our side.  The fight for the faith and for the preservation of national identity - for whose sake we choose the narrow path and deprivation, undergoing persecution - all has meaning, for in the Holy Scriptures we read, “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Cor 15:58)

Your humble well-wisher and intercessor in prayer before the Lord,
Bishop Akakije of Uteshiteljevo

August 13/26, 2014

St. Hippolytus (Leavetaking of the Feast of the Transfiguration) 

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